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Physical Therapy for Football Injuries

Football is the most popular yet dangerous sport to play, even when played at the student level. Sports injuries can do more than just cause a player to miss a few games throughout a season. Some injuries can have long-term impacts on a player. According to the Jump Start by WebMD, 60,000 collegiate athletes and […]

Fall Prevention Program

Each year, millions of people suffer a fall. Most of these people are 65 and older. Falls can be life-threatening for older adults and can reduce their ability to remain independent. According to the CDC, 34,000 falls among adults 65 and older caused over 34,000 deaths in 2019, making it the leading cause of injury […]

Signs and Symptoms of A Concussion

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause the brain to not work how it normally should. Not all symptoms of a concussion can be seen, and some will not show up right away. Some concussion symptoms can show up right away while others may not show up until hours, or even weeks […]

Physical Therapy for Cancer Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue can be caused by the disease itself or the treatment and may last for weeks, months, or even years. It can even continue after treatment ends. Cancer fatigue is different from your everyday fatigue. It is not merely tiredness, which is usually short-term and improves with sleep or rest. Cancer fatigue doesn’t go […]

Physical Therapy for Joint Pain

Joint Pain Joints provide you with a lot of support and help you move. So, any harm to the joints may be excruciatingly painful. Joint pain is very common, especially the older you get. You should never disregard joint pain. Joint pain can affect any part of the body, from your ankles and feet to […]

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Sports Performance Enhancement Performance enhancement refers to improving the way you are currently performing mentally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong; rather, it shows that you want to know more about how to do things correctly. This effort lowers the chance of injuries while also improving performance skills.   Performance Enhancement […]

Backpack Safety for Back Pain

With the beginning of the school year just around the corner, students are starting to hunt for the perfect back-to-school backpack. However, research is necessary to determine which backpack your child should use this school year. According to surgeons, between 75 and 85 percent of people will experience some sort of back pain in their […]

What is a Hand Therapist?

Physical therapy is something we may have all heard about, but hand therapy might be unfamiliar territory. Although physical therapy and hand therapy are similar, there are some major differences between the two that should be understood.  We use our hands every single day.  Our hands are very important and should be taken care of, […]