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The Memphis Industrial Rehabilitation Center is proud to offer a full array of services for both the injured and uninjured workers. Our physical therapists provide a comprehensive approach to industrial rehabilitation. Our model is directed at mitigating risk and exposure, specifically towards lost time, expedited return to work, and prevention. The expertise of our rehabilitation team and the ability to customize programs to an employer’s specific needs, ensure a maximum return on investment. From start-up to program implementation our clinics have the tools to make the process seamless and most importantly, medically and legally compliant.

Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide the most advanced functional testing technology, work simulation, and conditioning equipment in the area. In addition, we offer the ability to customize the equipment based on essential and critical demands of the jobs – for instance, specialty crates and/or containers, or moving samples of the company’s products themselves in the rehab setting.

The keyword is “functional.” Every program and service we offer is based around ensuring a safe, and most importantly a “sustained” work return. We follow the Industrial Athlete model of care.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a “work-related, intensive, goal-oriented treatment program designed to restore an individual systemic, neuromusculoskeletal (strength, endurance, movement, flexibility, and motor control) and cardiopulmonary functions.” and is an integral part of our industrial rehabilitation physical therapy services.

Our functional work conditioning program is tailored to benefit everyone involved. We help patients recover and achieve functional goals, while congruently meeting the needs of employers, physicians, and case managers. We all know that once a patient has moved from an acute to a sub-acute phase the process of return to work begins. The job specific conditioning is instrumental in ensuring that a re-injury does not occur upon a too-early and unprepared entry back to work. An employer understands that this step is an integral and necessary component of the return-to-work process. By using the same therapy provider for acute and sub-acute therapy, you are assured that the client will be motivated and directed towards the best possible outcomes.

From Hiring to Retiring, our services include:

  • Functional Work Conditioning & Hardening Program Designed to Meet the Employer’s Unique Needs
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
  • Job Demands Analysis (JDA) development (and/or updating)
  • Post Offer Pre-Employment (POET) Screening and Protocol Development with Cross Validation Study
  • Job Specific Rehabilitation Including a Full Conditioning Program
  • Disability Evaluations (Own Occ & Any Occ)
  • Job Transfer Testing
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessment (both office and industrial settings)
  • Ergonomic Hazard Analysis
  • Pre/Post Surgery Assessments
  • On-Site Rehabilitation of Post-Injury Care
  • On-Site Industrial Fitness Programs
  • On-Site Preventive Maintenance Services for the Aging Workforce

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From pre-hire screenings to fitness programs for the aging workforce, we are committed to providing innovative approaches for employers to assist in reducing risk, lost time, and overall costs associated with injuries.

Call today (901) 818-9746 or simply stop by to see the difference Industrial Expertise can make. Our specialists and clinical team members are field-experienced and spend as much time on plant floors as they do in the clinic. Inquire about our available on-site services.