Monthly Archives: September 2022

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Programs Each year, millions of people suffer a fall. A fall can result in an injury and a decrease in your ability to do your everyday things. Most of the people who suffer from a fall are 65 and older. Falls can be life-threatening for older adults and can reduce their ability to [...]


A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause the brain to not work how it normally should. Our brains are cushioned from everyday jolts, bumps, and hits. So, a violent hit to the head or upper body can cause your brain to slide back and forth forcefully against the inner walls of your [...]

Cancer Fatigue

Cancer-related fatigue can be caused by the disease itself or the treatment and could potentially last for weeks, months, or even years. It can even continue after treatment ends. Fatigue can and should be expected when undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer fatigue is different from your everyday fatigue. It is not merely tiredness, which is usually [...]

Joint Pain Relief: Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Joint Pain Joints provide you with a lot of support to help you move. So, any harm to the joints may be excruciatingly painful. Joint pain is very common, especially the older you get. You should never disregard joint pain. Joint pain can affect any part of the body, from your ankles and feet to [...]

Sports Performance

Performance enhancement refers to improving the way you are currently performing mentally. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong; rather, it shows that you want to know more about how to do things correctly. This effort lowers the chance of injuries while also improving performance skills. Performance Enhancement Improves: Strength Endurance Flexibility [...]